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  • Salem Ranger District

    Salem Ranger District

    1301 South Main

    Salem, Missouri 65560

    (573) 729-6656


    Directions: The district office is located 1 block south on Hwy 19 from the junction of Hwy 32/72 in Salem MO

    About: The Salem district encompasses approximately 175,000 acres within the Salem Plateau of the Ozark Highlands. The district includes lands located within Crawford, Iron, Dent, Reynolds, and Shannon counties in the south-east central part of the state of Missouri. The Ozarks are characterized by deeply dissected hills, karst topography, horizontal bedrock, caves, sink holes, and natural springs. The ecosystem is rich in biological diversity and includes species that are found only in the Ozark Plateau. The main vegetation is upland oak-hickory and oak-pine forest, with bottomland hardwood forest in the floodplains of large rivers.