Mark Twain National Forest
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    This App is meant to help you get out in the field and start exploring the Mark Twain National Forest

    Decide whether you want to Explore an area to see what it has to offer, or if you want to Eplore by activity to hit the ground running (or paddling, or camping, etc.)!

    We recommend that you also download the Avenza Application before venturing out, so you can open maps within this program and find out where you are located.

    This app is meant to be an introduction to the Forest--there are many hidden gems across the 1.5 million acre forest not highlighted in this app. Please visit our website at to see all the recreation opportunities available.

    No cell service is required to use most functions of this application, so this can make a handy pocket guide when in the field for visiting site locations highlighted within the app. Note: Some devices require cell service to track location, so GPS functions may not work in areas without cell coverage unless your device has a GPS antenna built in.