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  • Courtois Creek Section of the Ozark Trail

    This section is the gateway to the Ozarks--starting at Onondaga Cave State Park and winding through the Huzzah State Forest/Conservation Area, opening into the lead mining district of Missouri and the Mark Twain National Forest, view variegated wildlife, flora, and scenery and end up at Hazel Creek on the south. This 45-mile long section includes 7.5 miles of state land north of the Narrows Trailhead, crosses private land at the Bass Resort, follows the Berryman Trail from about mile 22 through mile 32, and connects to the Trace Creek Section on the south at the Hazel Creek Trailhead. It is part of the over 220 mile continuous through-trail. Use caution after periods of rain as the creek crossings can be hazardous. This section of trail includes springs, creeks and other water locations, as well as some popular places for trailside camping.


    No Fees


    Camp at least 100 feet from the trail, treat all water used, bury human waste and pack out all trash.  Foot traffic only and no trailside camping on non-national Forest land north of the Narrows trailhead.


    There are six trailheads, five of which serve the National Forest portion of this section, so that trips of varying lengths can be accommodated.

    Onondaga Trailhead - From St. Louis, take I-44 west to Hwy. H west of Sullivan, then south past Onondaga State Park to the Huzzah Conservation Area. This marks the northernmost trailhead for this section. There is additional parking at Ozark Outdoors.

    Narrows Trailhead - From Steelville, MO, drive east on Highway 8 for 10 miles; turn left on Butts Road; travel north about 0.5 miles and turn left on Lower Narrows Road. Trailhead is about 1.5 miles north on Lower Narrows Road 

    Bass Resort Trailhead- From Steelville, MO, drive east on Highway 8 for 10 miles; turn left on Butts Road and travel north about 1.5 miles to Bass Resort. Register at the office if you wish to park.

    Harmon Springs Trailhead - From Potosi, MO, drive west on Highway 8 for 16.5 miles; turn right on Berryman Rd./Co. Rd. 207; go north about 4 miles and turn left on Floyd Tower Rd./Co. Rd. 205. Go north and west on Floyd Tower Rd. for about 5 miles and turn right on road leading to trailhead. If you come to Forest Road 2284, double back about 0.75 miles.

    Highway 8 Trailhead- From Potosi, MO, drive west on Highway 8 for 17 miles or 18.5 miles east on Highway 8 from Steelville, MO. There is parking at the trailhead is on the north side of Highway 8. The trail crosses Highway 8 at this location.

    Hazel Creek Trailhead - From Potosi, MO, drive south on Highway P for 14 miles; turn right on Highway C and travel west for 4 miles to Highway Z, then continue northwest on Highway Z for 2 miles. After pavement ends, continue straight ahead on Co. Rd. 657 for 1 mile to Hazel Creek Campground on the left.

    General Notes:

    For additional information on the Ozark Trail, visit the Ozark Trail Association at For trail conditions visit Detailed Maps are available at the Planner section for download and/or view at