Mark Twain National Forest
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    The Bateman Trail, a non-motorized trail system, consists of approximately 16 miles of trail. This hiking and equestrian trail, leads you through limestone glades that can be seen throughout the trail system. Landscapes vary from gently rolling hills to moderately steep terrain with rock outcrops and tall grass prairies. Natural water for horses along the trail is very limited and may be seasonal. Vegetation along the trail is diverse and includes oak-hickory and eastern redcedar trees. Prescribed fire is often used to maintain the unique glade habitats. Species such as Bachman’s sparrow, a state endangered species, collared lizards, Indian paintbrush wildflowers, and primrose plants can be a welcoming site on a hike or horseback ride.


    A good map and compass, along with knowledge of utilizing these, are strongly suggested. Drinking water is not available at the site; make sure to bring drinking water and a container for carrying water on the trail. There are no toilet facilities on site. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail or past designated parking areas.

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    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate Horseback Riding and Hiking; Moderate to More Difficult for Mountain Biking.

    Length:15.97 miles Trail is made up of several segments, as follows:

    • Willie Lee: 6.25 miles
    • Corral: .73 miles
    • Merriman: .93 miles
    • Bottoms: 2.82 miles
    • Bottom Connector Loop: 1.41 miles
    • 606 Connector Loop: 1.92 miles
    • Boy Scout: .79 miles
    • Arrowmen: 1.12 miles

    You do not have to complete the full 16 miles in one visit the segments allow for a variety of shorter loop rides or hikes.  

    Surface Type: Unsurfaced, Native material